• Audi S3 by O.CT Tuning

The Austrian tuner O.CT Tuning has taken the Audi S3 to the next level and upgraded the car with an even sportier look as well as an extra helping of power. An extensive engine modification boosts the output of the sporty compact to 328 hp.

Located at Lake Constance, O.CT Tuning modifications help the S3 achieve performance usually attributed to high-end sportscars. The O.CT-engine package Step 3 (5886.- Euros) includes a revised engine management fine tuned on the companies own dynamometer.

Audi S3 by O.CT Tuning
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In addition to this, the stock Y-pipe is replaced with a Y-pipe connected to a catalytic converter by HJS designed for racing purposes. A sport exhaust with a butterfly valve enhances the throaty engine note Air intake and intercooler are also modified. The results: 328 hp and 425 Newtonmeters (313 pound feet) as opposed to 265 hp and 350 Newtonmeters (258 pound feet) in stock form.0-100 km/h times (0-62 mph) drop from 6,4 to 5,7 seconds, 0-160 km/h (0-100 mph) is reduced from 14,3 to 12,74 seconds. Top speed also increases from 250 km/h (155 mph) to 265 km/h (165 mph).

Audi S3 by O.CT Tuning
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A fully adjustable O.CT-coilover suspension (1499 Euros) designed especially fort he S3 significantly increases comering prowess and speeds.

Of course, the brakes cannot be left unchanged in light of this dramatic increase inperformance. An 8-piston brake caliper system with 372 mm discs/rotors (3850 Euros) at the front axle is more than a match for the O.CT Tuning S3s acceleration.The rear stock discs/rotors can also be exchanged for slotted versions.

Audi S3 by O.CT Tuning
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O.CT D7 19-inch alloy wheels (8,5 x 19 inch, 2440 Euros without tires) in various colors (black, super polished, etc.) complement the sporty look of the O.CT Tuning S3.

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looks better in black

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