Audi S5 photos in the flesh - or in other words from enthusiasts have surfaced on the internet on The more I see this automobile, the more I come to think that the Audi S5 will appear much better looking in person.

For some reasons the lines of the S5 appear to be much more noticeable in these photos. Check out those signature "S" chrome mirrors and aggressive front end- They are like automobile jewelery or a rolex for your car.
Like any cars , though the S5 can still use some improvements in its rear end- maybe some quick nip-tuck. Currenly the Audi S5’s exhaust tips are little too small for my likes. Though, this is easily corrected with a new exhaust from tuner MTM , or Oettinger. One last note- Audi RS5 is sure to be a menacing.

Enjoy the photos.


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