• Audi set to invest in new models.

    zz Audi to increase model range.
  • yy Audi to increase model range.
  • xx Audi to increase model range.

New models coming to Audi

The management of Audi, have agreed to invest billions into a new model plan, they are set to increase the range to 40 models.

Audi set to invest in new models.

Audi management have decided that having 22 car models in their catalogue is just not enough, so they have decided to increase the Audi portfolio to 40 models by the year 2015 or so, 40 models is quite a substantial catalogue to choose from and the development of an additional 18 models is going to cost plenty, with research & development, planning and production costs, however they have allocated a massive 11.8 billion euros (15.6 billion dollars) over the next five years of which 8.4 billion euros (11.1 billion dollars) will be for the development of new models.

Audi is set to raise the bar of this market sector, with this sort of investment adding to an already desirable brand, who knows what models and developments they have planned, this is an exciting time to watch Audi, as there are many movements happening within the German car industry at the moment, which is why they are planning to stay ahead of the game.

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