Audi Super Bowl Ad: The Chase

Audi has been getting a lot more aggressive in its advertisements lately. It started last summer with the aging ad, and it continued with the web searies Meet the Beckers. Now Audi has teamed up with Jason Statham (recently of the Audi-filled Transporter 3) to poke some fun at everyone to introduce the supercharged A6 in this Super Bowl ad.


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  (384) posted on 07.18.2011

Oh! I remember that movie from Jason Statham. That was so cool plus the fact that he uses an Audi for every transport he has. That is a nice film.

  (19) posted on 02.3.2009

although i agree with your point on audi < BMW in every possible way. you really fail when you try to compare the quality of Benz to Audi. now maybe we suffer a difference in opinion in regards to what quality means. sure you can build a car with high quality materials. line the cabin with e finest leathers and wood. how ever does that qualify the car as a quality car if it spends much of its life with your benz auto mechanic? every one knows when it comes to reliability the benz falls short to almost every other car make out there. benz makes even the trouble some Audi’s look like Toyota’s in comparison. unless you throw BMW in the mix of course. then its a chevy at best. ha.

  (68) posted on 02.2.2009

does audi actually believe in their commercials? or are they just fantasizing their car out handle a BMW. cos theirs no way on earth they can do that. no way!
they only have half of the mercedes’ quality and technology and only half of BMW’s sportines and handling. that’s why they’ll always be the 3rd best german car maker between the 3 of them. BMW being number 1, and mercedes 2nd.
but you can always make people believe your the best audi, i don’t blame you. seems like every other carmaker is saying they are better than BMW. but deep down what they really ean is "we want to be as good as BMW" lol

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