’Tis the season for heartstrings to be pulled, and Audi is no exception. The all-wheel drive specialist lives for bad weather in the wintertime, and highlights the virtues of its quattro all-wheel drive system in a new television ad entitled "Forecast."

The well-produced extended-cut ad seems like it might be more at home occupying a pricey Superbowl ad slot. It’s a refreshing contrast to the usual flurry of manufacturer’s ads showing cars with giant gift bows on them, not-so-subtly hinting that your loved one would appreciate a Lexus or a Lincoln under the tree. "Forecast" is one of those ads that lets the product sell itself. In fact, there’s no hard sell at all, and most of the screen time is devoted to a lonesome patriarch and his dog who are facing the prospect of a solitary holiday thanks to an unexpected blizzard.

You can probably guess the rest. Check out Audi’s Christmas "Forecast," and don’t worry, we’re sure it’s just the onions someone was chopping in the next room that have gotten into your eyes.


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