• Audi to launch R8 supercar in India by year end

Who told you that India is solely a small-car market? Audi, the German manufacturer with a difference, is not planning to stop with its sedans and SUVs in India. With already seven dealerships setup in the Nano-country, Audi has plans to expand that network further.

Within a few months, those dealerships, among the A8, Q7 SUV and other models will sell the R8 supercar. Sister company Lamborghini has also been operating successfully in India for sometime now, and Ferrari too, has announced its interest in trading in the country.

Although the R8 wasn’t present at the Delhi AutoExpo earlier this year, the R10 race car along with the entire line-up of cars sold presently in India were on display proving to be the sweetest of eye candies.

“India is an important market for Audi, and there has been a tremendous interest in the Audi R8 up to pre-orders by our exclusive customers in India, so it was inevitable that we launch the Audi R8 here,” Audi India Managing Director Benoit Tiers said in a statement.

With Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and Ferrari in the future, the only thing that is missing is an Indian supercar. Those established names dominate the supercar game globally, but if any of the Indian automakers could take the effort, it might pay off. If Koenigsegg can do it in such a short period, why not Tata use Jaguar’s help to make their own? A next-gen XJ220 supercar, anyone?


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  (599) posted on 05.29.2012

I may have seen this somewhere before, where it is pompous instead and not minimalist.

  (580) posted on 03.30.2012

Will it be sold or only promoted? If it’s just going to be endorsed, it’s good since Indians would get acquainted with a cool supercar. If it’s planned to be sold, then I expect a flop.

  (1211) posted on 03.15.2012

I can’t wait to see the launching of this super car by Audi; I want to see what’s under its hood.

  (526) posted on 03.9.2012

This R8 looks like the car from the movie “Irobot”. They only took off some of the details.

  (228) posted on 03.23.2011

Well, I never think that India car market is small. Perhaps, India has become the second largest country that produces car next to Japan. Aside from the Audi, VW has already makes it way into Indian market. Anyway, Im looking forward for Indian supercar!

  (377) posted on 11.2.2010

R8 is definitely so successful in the US market i can’t wait to see if that one would click in Indian Market too..

  (520) posted on 07.9.2008

India is a great market for supercars, but i don’t see to soon a Tata supercar smiley

  (1022) posted on 07.6.2008

Indian Supercar? What will it do? 0to60 in 25 seconds with a 3 cylinder engine?

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