The new Audi TT 2007 will be introduced on march 15th 2006.

Audi has a countdown website setup here:Audi TT microsite

You can watch relentlessly the countdown ticking ;)

In the meantime we have just regrouped 4 spy shots of the possible audi TT 2007. Audi will tell us in 24 horus if those spy shots were good or just diversion given to the competition...

By the way, who do you think take those car spyshots ? The auto makers themselves ? or real spies :) humm...

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pdaix  (433) posted on 03.14.2006

If THAT is the new audi TT, please do nto even call it new ! this is just a headlight and taillight aftermarket mount !

I really hope it looks more liek the audi lemans concept !

If not I’d prefer to by the new Mazda miata... lol..just joking smiley

And please do nto tell me the car will eb availabel in 4cyl 1,8 liter... that gives me nightmares.

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