An Audi TT Enthusiast from Mexico (randobv) tests out the new 2007 Audi TT with its Apple Ipod Integration Package: Jig it out . Click on to see my impression of the option for the TT.

It appears that the Integration of the Ipod with the new TT is all is cracked up to be/ what it would seem. As you can see from the video, once the Ipod is hooked up , you are limited to how you can browse through your IPOD- it basically turns your Ipod library into a 6 Disc CD player. Conclusively, it appears that the Ipod Integration kit for the Audi TT is very much limited.

I can see this being a great accessory for your TT if you preset 5 or 6 playlists (as the reviewr states) on your Ipod before you hook it up to the TT ’s audio system. You still wont be able to see the songs on your radio receiver, but I am sure the sound quality will be stellar. Cheers to fellow "youtuber" randobv for the video! In the future hopefully automotive companies can further the communication between the Ipod and automobiles. Or maybe Apple can just start making cars? (kidding)

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