LLTek Motorsports, specialists in aftermarket styling and performance components for Audi cars is releasing preliminary photographs of a new styling kit for the latest Audi TT due to be released in North America mid-year 2007. These preliminary test components show exactly how "excitement and wow factors" can be added to the Audi TT and jump the car to cutting edge design.

Additional design work will be completed shortly and special packages including upswing Lambo-style (gullwing) doors for this new generation of Audi TT’s will be available.

 The design is very aggressive with styling details from the Audi R8, in the back side under the tail-lights.That rear bumper has a diffuser on the middle and 4 exaust tips on the side.

Audi TT tuned by LLTek
- image 123729

The rear-mirror were painted in glossy black color, like the uper side of the car, and like the 19 inch rims fitted on the.

The body kit that will be provided by LL Tek will include new front and rear bubpers new side-skirts and a discret spoiler.

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