The german magazine Auto Bild has made a comparation between an Audi TT and a Porsche Cayman S.

According to the magazine the Audi TT has the most beautiful face, it is 18 centimeters longer than the Porsche, but less power than the Cayman - TT 250 hp and the Cayman S 295 hp.

The TT has a true spor look inside: soft plastic, metallic surfaces and high-quality loop carpet. 69% of the Audi’s body consist of aluminum, steel for better balance, so the TT has a weight of 2777 lbs.

On the road the TT is less perfomrmant than the Cayman: sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 5,9 seconds, while the Porsche has a sprint of 5,4 seconds.

Audi TT specifications: V6 engine, 3189cc, 250hp@6300, 236 lbs-ft@2500, Top speed: 155 mph, 0-60: 5,9 sec, price: 39900 euro (50170$).

Porsche Cayman S: Flat-6, 3386 cc, 295hp@6250, 250 lbs-ft@4400, Top Speed 170 mph, 0-60: 5,4 sec, price: 58529 euro (73600$).

Source: Auto Bild

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