Audi tops awards

The famous Audi TT has won an award in Australia.

Audi TT wins award.

The wonderful Audi TT has just picked up a prestigious Australian award, the car which took the sports car world by surprise has had little impact over the past couple years and with the new Audi TT due to be shown off soon, the old Audi TT as it will soon become known has slowly drifted into the back of everyone’s minds.

Yet now the Audi TT is out in front again, this time by winning the The Drive Car of the Year award 2007, this award is not some fancy award that gets given when the manufacturers grease enough palms etc, this award is won by merit, the field was made up of nearly fifty most popular cars in Australia.

The Audi TT has really been put through it paces recently, it has managed to lose weight, and increased the amount of aluminium used in its manufacturing process. It uses only a four cylinder engine which is light and surprisingly powerful, all cars have their good sides, yet with the Audi TT you can safely say that it is the complete package. A sports car that is made with the environment in mind, has style and is desirable, the complete package.

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