The future looks quite promising for Audi and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the German company unveiled a variety of new technologies, including a new adaptive light for the xenon plus headlights. The new Matrix LED headlights will have small diodes that can be dimmed or individually switched on and off to provide optimal illumination.

The small individual diodes, backed by lenses or reflectors, always provide excellent illumination without needing a swiveling mechanism. This new system will obtain the information they need from a camera, the navigation system or additional sensors. If the camera detects other vehicles, these innovative headlights fade out the appropriate area of the high-beam headlights, which contain various light-source sectors.

The headlights can also illuminate the areas between several vehicles in complex situations. Based on navigation data, the high-beam headlight anticipates the bend and swivels to illuminate the road before the driver has even turned the wheel.

Audi also presented new laser taillights generated by a laser diode that provides drivers behind with a bright, clear signal and a new OLED technology made from an organic material.

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Laser beam rear light

OLED rear light demo

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