Audi works on a more powerful TT-RS Plus

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Just recently, Audi announced that the TT-RS would also be offered on the US market, and the fact that it is going to deliver 20hp more than the European version was just music to our ears. Now we’re hearing rumors about a TT-RS version getting that same 20hp boost up to 360hp for the European market. What the hell?! And here we thought we were special....

A leaked internal Audi document - the Ersatz Teile Katalog Audi (ETKA) to be exact - revealed details about this new TT-RS Plus version. In addition to the the extra 20 HP, it will also get a 7-speed automatic transmission and carbon fiber parts like the ones used in the R8 GT. With the extra horse power and the weight reduction, this model will become the fastest TT-RS on the market. The document also suggests that this new version will be added in May 2011.

So our joy was short-lived. Hopefully we will be able to over-joyed when we hear it’s coming to America!


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  (399) posted on 03.11.2011

I agreed that it is a good move for the TT-RS. The current model is actually really good so I am looking forward to wait Audi can do more to improve it.

  (462) posted on 03.10.2011

Ha, that’s definitely the way to go Audi. Though it is already expected by a lot of folks that they would be coming up with a more powerful TT-RS version.

  (406) posted on 03.9.2011

Well, I would say that this one is actually about time. OK, the TT-RS is really a good car. But there is still a bit more that can be done with this one.

  (446) posted on 03.9.2011

Well, that one is already to be expected. Audi naturally would want to make the most out of the TT-Rs platform, so they would really want to up the ante.

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