We’ve already got the news of Audi preparing the R4 to slip it right under the R8 in the lineup, but other news of a growing sports car lineup has been spreading, and speculations of the next steps for the Germany company are growing stems. Apparently, the Volkswagen Group will be preparing two new main platforms that may be seen in sports car models from Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

One of the upcoming platforms is the MOB modular architecture that will feature transversely mounted engines in the front of the chassis. This new platform will be used for models like the Audi R4, R3, or TT Successor, as well as the Porsche 914 or 356 Successor and the Volkswagen Bluesport or Beetle.

The second is a longitudinal mid-engine platform known as the MSS. This is where it gets a tad bit confusing. Fourtitude states that "this [MSS] is an entirely new component set that uses the same design parameters as MLB and MQB, such as geometries between steering components and engine placement, but it will add further flexibility to cars on the more exotic end of the spectrum with longitudinal engine configuration." This new platform will be used for the future R8, Lamborghini models, and the future Porsche 911 and 918.


Source: Fourtitude

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