The long and arduous task of building the new world-class, 3.4-mile racetrack in Austin, Texas took a positive turn after track officials officially unveiled the circuit’s name. From here on out, the racetrack will be called the ‘Circuit of the Americas’.

Now that that’s been settled, the important part of actually building the track before it hosts the 2012 Formula One U.S. Grand Prix continues on. Earlier this year, the site from where the track will rise officially broke ground, kicking off a tight and busy 18 months to build the track before it opens to racing.

The Circuit of the Americas will be the latest race track to open in the US, one that is expected to host other racing events apart from Formula One. In fact, executives announced that the track will also host MotoGP starting in 2013. It is still unclear whether the Circuit of the Americas will be the third US track on the MotoGP schedule, or if it will replace the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which does not have a contract set up for 2012 or 2013.

In addition to running 3.4 miles, the circuit also features 20 turns, a 133-feet elevation change, and most importantly for stability and business reasons, a 10-year contract with Formula One.

Seeing as the 2011 F1 seasons just kicked off, it seems like there’s plenty of time for the Circuit of the Americas to be completed. But given how a Formula One season runs as fast as the cars that compete in them, 2012 will be just around the corner in no time.

Let’s just hope that by then, the Circuit of the Americas will have more than just an official name to show for it.


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  (337) posted on 04.19.2011

Probably it would. And one good thing is that they will be hosting a wide variety of events here, aside from the Grand Prix. I am looking forward to the MotoGP.

  (600) posted on 04.18.2011

So, is this one going to be an official track for next year’s racing season? I really can’t wait to see what sort of layout they will be doing with this one .

  (708) posted on 04.15.2011

Yeah, they will be able to finish this one on time. I think they have already laid out the preliminary construction works months before, so they still have a lot of time.

  (473) posted on 04.15.2011

Yeah, that one would definitely be a tight schedule. But I think that they have probably sorted that one out, so they will likely still be on the deadline for the race.

  (412) posted on 04.15.2011

This is definitely going to be a challenge for the track’s developers. Imagine that, they only have 18 months to complete the track and get it prepped up for next year’s US Grand Prix.

  (302) posted on 04.15.2011

Wow! I bet this race track is kind of huge that’s why it takes a lot of time to finished the whole course! I cant wait for the opening!

  (334) posted on 04.15.2011

I thought they have the deadline of two years to finished the whole track but now its estimated to be three years. Well, I do hope that the allotted time is just enough to done all things.

  (466) posted on 04.14.2011

Hmm. Three years for endless construction for a race track seems so tiring and the same time so exciting. I bet this would be the biggest track in the history of car racing!

  (474) posted on 04.14.2011

Wow! It seems that Circuit of the Americas would be the most awaited race track event next year. I hope that that they been able to achieve and complete their goal.

  (449) posted on 04.14.2011

Nice, so they already have all the events lined up for the track even before it actually gets constructed. Lets just hope that this would be a very challenging one.

  (798) posted on 04.14.2011

Have they released the design of the new track yet? It would really be good to see how this one would look like, so we can assess how well it is made.

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