The land down under is known for many things, most of which are either manly or deadly as hell (or both), but to us gearheads Aussies are best known for inventing and propagating the term "hooning." This is why it should come as no surprise that the current Guinness Book world record for the most burnouts performed simultaneously belongs to Australians, who recently gathered over 100 cars to achieve the rather smokey feat in Canberra.

A motley array of Aussie muscle cars and even an ice cream truck gathered on the first day of the annual Summernats car festival in the Australian capital, with the total number of vehicles being counted for the record being 103 out of the 107 that had lined up for the event. "We wanted to get 100, so 103 is three better than awesome," said Supernats festival co-owner Andy Lopez. An official Guinness World Record team of experts were on tap to legitimize the record-breaking attempt, with the Summernats organizers being awarded with a certificate of acknowledgement at the end.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time that the world record for most simultaneous burnouts has been broken at the Summernats car festival, which is short for Summer Nationals, as the 2013 edition also rewrote the Guinness Book of Records with 69 cars torturing their rear tires in a similar fashion. The only question remaining is how on Earth did the organizers and Guinness officials actually count the cars doing the burnouts in that giant sea of smoke. On the other hand, the attempt looked like a pretty awesome time for everyone involved, with the probable exception of their lungs.



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