Who’s the new king of the hot hatch market?

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is already being hailed as one of Ford’s most impressive cars in recent years. Surely, the hype has been real for a lot of people, including yours truly. But, has the Focus RS really ascended to the top of the hot hatch pound-for-pound rankings? It’s a fair question to ask considering that there are other hot hatches that can make a case for that (mythical) title.

Auto Express sought to answer that question by lining up the Focus RS against two of its German counterparts, namely the Audi RS3 and the Volkswagen Golf R. Both the RS3 and the Golf R have their own claims compared to the Focus RS. The Audi, for instance, has more power than the Ford whereas the VW has less power, but is also cheaper than the Focus RS.

Each model also offers its own line of benefits that its two rivals don’t have. But even when you use the tale of the tape, differentiating one from the other two really boils down to what a customer wants in his hot hatch. All three are great options and offer, in their own way, a sporty experience in a practical package. That is, after all, the essence of what a hot hatchback is supposed to be.

So which one did Auto Express pick from the three? No spoilers here, so you better watch the video to find out the verdict. I can tell you that picking among these three cars is harder than it looks.

Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS High Resolution Exterior
- image 620092

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Audi RS3

2015 Audi RS3 High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 585654

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Volkswagen Golf R

2016 Volkswagen Golf R Exterior
- image 613765
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