Say hello to Aston’s new V-12-powered pièce de résistance

There aren’t that many soon-to-hit-the-market cars that’ll get my attention more than the Aston Martin DB11. As the British automaker’s latest pride and joy, the DB11 is more than just the next wave supercar to come out of Gaydon. It actually represents a dramatic shift in ideology as the DB11 represents the first Aston to make use of the company’s new, AMG-sourced V-12 engine. Oh, the DB11 is also Aston Martin’s first all-new, mass-produced vehicle in more than 10 years so clearly, there’s a lot riding on the car to be as good as advertised.

Auto Express’ very own Steve Sutcliffe was given the opportunity to drive a camouflaged DB11 and it’s obvious from the get-go that the car still had some kinks that needed to be worked out. Not that it matters because Sutcliffe still had a ball of a time inside the somewhat thinly dressed interior. He even goes so far as saying that it’s probably one of the best cars Aston “looks likely” to make. It’s not really the kind of ringing endorsement Aston would’ve liked, but given how the DB11 is technically still in development, it’s probably the highest praise it can get from somebody who clearly knows his way round cars of this stature.

It’s understandably not the kind of review that’s going to define the DB11 but as Sutcliffe smartly points out, the potential is already there for the DB11 to be the kind of supercar that Aston Martin can really hang its hat on.

Aston martin DB11

2017 Aston Martin DB11 High Resolution Exterior
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