• Auto Veloce gives Ferrari F430 a Lamborghini treatment

Since time immemorial – or at least since the automobile was invented – man has found countless ways to push the envelope when it comes to super cars. Yet despite their dissimilarities, supercars generally hold a couple of things in common, chief among them are their awe-inducing power and their gaudy price tags.

That being said, it’s hard to mistake a Ferrari for a Lamborghini and vice versa, thanks in large part to the distinct features both Italian supercar makers have from each other. But as is the case with the bold and the ingenious, Japanese tuners Auto Veloce have found a way to infuse design elements found in the Lamborghini and put them into a Ferrari F430.

Not exactly the holiest of collaborations, but the whole Ferrari-Lamborghini look by Auto Veloce works wonders on both the untrained eye of a regular Joe and the steely and scrutinizing mind of a gear head. Notice that this particular F430 now comes with Lamborghini’s distinct front air dam, quarter panel intakes, and rear wing that look suspiciously inspired by a Lamborghini Murcielago Super Veloce. We don’t know if that was the look Auto Veloce was hoping for, but judging by the Lambo-Ferrari mash-up, we pretty much figured what kind of look the tuning house was aiming for.


Source: Auto Veloce

Kirby Garlitos
Kirby Garlitos
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  (1332) posted on 08.31.2010

They get a thumbs down for copying Lambo on the design ques. But come on ppl its a Ferrari how can you make it look bad. I like I like

  (1332) posted on 07.25.2010

Does it have a scissor doors too?... haha modifying is really fun.

  (515) posted on 07.18.2010

They get a thumbs down for copying Lambo on the design ques. But come on ppl its a Ferrari how can you make it look bad. I like I like

  (665) posted on 07.14.2010

The juxtaposition of the Ferrari’s smooth curvature with hard lines and angles common to Lambos just doesn’t quite work IMO. Mixing awesome with awesome doesn’t produce more awesome in this case.

  (937) posted on 07.12.2010

Impressive F430 those front air vents and side skirts did a good job on separating it to the standard F430.

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