Call it a case of ’Ferrari 599 GTO-titis’, but watching a five-minute review of the 599 GTO by Autocar has made us absolutely sick. Sick to the point that we get stomach cramps just watching the car and hearing it blast through a tunnel. Sick to the point that we can’t even get out of our seats to go to the bathroom without wanting to watch the video a second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth time.

Ferrari has called the 599 GTO the most powerful road-legal car it has ever produced. While we didn’t doubt that proclamation at first, after watching the video, we’re not just running after the badwagon, but we’re jumping on it the first chance we get and if it means throwing off some people to make room for us, then so be it.

That car is absolutely and positively sick.


Source: Autocar UK

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