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Answering the $68,400 question with a turbo

Earlier this year, when Porsche dropped the official details on the next-gen Boxster (aka the 718), you could almost hear the collective gasps of Stuttgart loyalists. Sure, there was new styling, a retuned suspension, and a revamped interior, but it’s what Porsche mounted under the rear engine cover that got people talking. Replacing the outgoing naturally aspirated flat-six is a new turbo flat-four, a move that’s seen as sacrilege to some. But is boost and two fewer cylinders enough to ruin something as brilliant as the Boxster? Autocar decided to find out in this six-minute video.

Set against the rolling English countryside, Autocar’s chief tester, Matt Prior, starts by leading us through the logic of why a turbo Boxster could draw such ire. Sure, more power and efficiency are both good things, but with a turbo flat-four, the characteristic Porsche wail is altered. Significantly.

Power delivery is a bit delayed as well, although above 3,000 rpm, the response seems adequate. On the other side, the suspension is well sorted, as is the steering and shifting. Overall, much of the old car’s character remains, even with a new noise coming out the exhaust pipe.

Final verdict? Well, you’ll have to hit play to find that out.

Porsche Boxster 718

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster High Resolution Exterior
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Read the full review here.

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