Vicky Parrott does awesome things on one of the best hot hatches in the market today

A lot has already been said about the all-new Ford Focus RS and almost everyone I’ve talked to about the car shares the same sentiment. The Focus RS is the hot hatchback we’ve all been waiting for. Now I know that some might find that statement sprinkled with a bit of hyperbole, but the truth is, there was no need for any form of exaggeration.

One person who agrees with my assertion is Autocar Deputy Reviews Editor Vicky Parrott. Not that she actually told me that she agreed with me, but she did get the opportunity to take the new Focus RS out for a spin on the proverbial road and track combination and as expected, she had nothing but heaping praises for the hot hatch. I’m not going to spoil the full episode because Parrott makes some great points in her review of the car and I wouldn’t want to pre-empt any of it. It’s better if you watch the episode in full yourselves.

In the event that you’re in the market for a hot hatch and you’re browsing through countless websites trying to figure out which one to buy, you should also watch this video and trust me when I tell you, once you’re done watching it, the Focus RS will be on your short-list. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say that there’s a reason why a lot of people, Parrott included, are calling this hot hatch the new benchmark of its segment.

2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS High Resolution Exterior
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