The second model Autodelta will reveal at the MPH09 Show is the J4 3.2 C based on the Alfa Romeo 159 sedan. This package completes the the petrol engine range upgrades for the 159 started with the J4 2.2 C.

The J4 3.2 C uses a supercharged 3.2-liter V6 engine that delivers a total of 352 bhp and a peak torque of 435 Nm. The engine is completed with upgraded chassis, electronics, brakes, suspension and adjustable coilovers recalibrated through the on-going R&D program.

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Press release

One year on from the commercialisation of the Autodelta J4 2.2 C, we raise the Alfa Romeo tuning bar once more with the arrival of a bespoke package for the 3.2-litre V6 version, which completes the petrol engine range upgrades for the Alfa 159 and in the process create a car pushing at the performance boundaries, in true Autodelta fashion.

Autodelta J4 3.2 C
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When our engineers set about developing Alfa Romeo’s acclaimed flagship sedan right across the board, firstly with the 2.2-litre direct injection supercharging project, we were driven, as ever, by the exacting requirements of our customers. And for this project, the Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed car’s inherent beauty and elegance led us toward the goal of creating the ultimate ‘grand tourer’ in true historic Alfa Romeo fashion, fusing the glamour, grace and dashing style of the golden era of Italian motoring with all the power, agility and driveability expected of an Autodelta brand product – all tightly wrapped in a package that cosseted the driver in luxury and comfort.

In almost a century’s history, Alfa Romeo has defined grand tourer motoring time and time again; rising to face that challenge, adding value to that tradition, and creating a product that is worthy of the famous badge was a task we accepted with unrivalled enthusiasm, but at the same time, complete respect.

Autodelta J4 3.2 C
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The groundbreaking result was the Autodelta J4 2.2 C, flamboyant in spirit and utterly in-tune with the driver, bursting with cutting-edge technology, but at the same time, always practical and user-friendly; and the resulting demand over the last year proves that we have been able to tap into a rich vein of Alfisti desire. Now we have taken those core ideas and melded them into the ultimate expression of modern-era Alfa Romeo motoring: the V6 engine, making this stylish four-door sedan available with the 352 bhp / 435 Nm supercharged 3.2-litre engine package that has made the Autodelta J5 3.2 C into a globally-respected sportscar.

The new Autodelta J4 3.2 C is the result of a complete reworking of the Alfa 159 into an optimised, leading-edge bespoke package, with our highly-experienced engineers pushing the performance and dynamic envelope of the car outwards in all key areas to create a truly driver-orientated package. Importantly, however, such dynamic prowess does not detract from the inbred luxury; rather, it is enriched to deliver the ultimate high-performance touring experience.

Autodelta J4 3.2 C
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Alongside the new supercharging system with intercooler, the J4 3.2 C features upgrades to the chassis, electronics, brakes, and suspension, with the adjustable coilovers evolving from the sporty-but-smooth J4 2.2 C, now recalibrated through our on-going R&D programme to take into account the new weight of the V6 engine, its distribution and dynamic properties, and ensuring that ride quality is enhanced despite the significant power increase and new chassis characteristics.

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