In the midst of celebrating their title as America’s Favorite Performance Brand, Chevrolet invited a number of journalists over to the Virginia International Speedway to test drive their new Camaro ZL1. Lucky journalists signed right up to take advantage, but one got a little more than he bargained for.

Aaron Gold from took his turn on the track after a rain cloud made its way through the area and tried to play it safe during his turn. Unfortunately, he may have played it too safe. Gold says that he was "way off the proper line" and had the car in second gear when it should have probably been in third. He "gave it a bit too much juice, broke the rear tires loose, and that was it." The Camaro ended up going off the track, sliding forward and sideways onto the wet grass, and went nose-first into the tire wall.

Gold didn’t suffer any injuries and GM has assured him that the damages on the Camaro ZL1 are cosmetic, which is all good news. Another plus is that Gold was able to test out the OnStar system, which automatically sent out an SOS call, before a live operator came on to see if Gold was okay.

As a refresher the ZL1 is powered by LSA 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that delivers a total of 550 horsepower and 550 lb/ft of torque. The muscle car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 184 mph. So we guess these numbers are just too much even for a professional driver.



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  (415) posted on 06.28.2012

The only good thing I see in here is the journalist experienced the thrill and excitement that this Camaro possessed.

  (428) posted on 05.18.2012

I wonder if they made the journalist pay for the damages.

  (474) posted on 05.15.2012

I bet that this journalist’s excitement sourly turned into disappointment as the result of his experience isn’t good at all. Will they make him pay for the damages?

  (428) posted on 03.29.2012

What did he say the reason was after the incident? That was disappointing, for both the journalist and the Camaro ZL1. At least, he got to try it even for once.

  (296) posted on 03.7.2012

Did he get overexcited driving it? Ah, the poor Camaro. It’s a good thing that only the cosmetics was damaged.

  (377) posted on 03.1.2012

It shows that driving this Sports/Muscle car needs more cautiousness to prevent this accident. Anyway, driving on high-speeds while the paved road is wet is a risk of inevitable events like this.

  (473) posted on 02.29.2012

Well, Gold is lucky that he didn’t suffer from any injuries after the incident, and the Camaro received small damages that can be replaced by cosmetics.

  (383) posted on 02.29.2012

Even though he’s an automotive journalist, he’s still not a professional racer. Journalists should think of the consequences first before thinking of taking advantage. They were lucky they sustained no injury, but it’s too bad for the car.

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