The Kia Soul is special in the essence that it has an unmistakable design in a world where models tend to blend together these days. At the 2016 SEMA show, Kia has taken the Soul’s unmistakable design and stepped it up a notch, effectively creating an autonomous vehicle design that will make you happy to give up the steering wheel. On the outside, Kia blessed this beautiful concept with a Lux Electric Blue finish that is enhanced by the electric blue accent lighting that glows so brightly from behind the front grille. The most notable modifications, however, take place inside where the front seats are installed in a reversed position.

This custom Soul only offers seating for two in executive style with automatic leg rests located just ahead of the seats in the floor. The lack of rear seats isn’t a bad thing, though, as their sacrifice makes way for a massive display screen that is mounted to the rear wall. The custom tablets near the front seats allow for complete control of the entire vehicle including selecting a destination, engaging travel, and controlling the television or browsing the internet on the way. Perhaps more important is the quality of materials that make up the ambiance of the cabin. Most of the inside is wrapped in a beautiful suede material, including most of the interior panels and the headliner. The seats are wrapped in leather, and the custom door trim panels have a custom leather insert that is stitched into a diamond layout. The floor has been lined in one of the finest wood selections available and fits right in with the accent lighting below and around the TV and from the door panels.

With all of the various concepts that show up to SEMA every year, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. But, this autonomous Kia Soul is definitely a showstopper if we’ve ever seen one. On top of that, it goes to show just how luxurious and functional the fully autonomous Kia’s of the future can be. Giving up the steering wheel is a hard thing to face for most, myself included, but a design like this will certainly make giving up the steering wheel so much easier. MY only question is: When can I get a ride in this amazing feat of engineering?

Robert Moore
Robert Moore
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