It has been one of the top rated shows all season, but it has just been discovered by Leon Mandell’s son. So, Autoweek has put out a desperate bulletin. 
They noticed.
Helio Castroneves (IRL driver) is one of the finalists on “Dancing with the Stars,” which airs on ABC on Tuesday and Wednesday each week until there is a winner. Which will be pretty soon, because they are in the finals.
Autoweek wants to get a little bit of credit, though, because it wants you to vote for Castroneves. To that end, they’ve put out the phone numbers to call to vote for the Penske man on their website.
There is only one problem.
It’s obvious that “Dutch” Mandell hasn’t bothered to watch the show.
Had he done so, he’d have known that he’s a clinger, a leaker, an afterthought.
Castroneves needs no help from leaker journalists.
That boy can dance.
Most of the people watching the show have no idea what the Indianapolis 500 might be. But they keep voting for him.
Dutch – where were you when it counted?
But, the audience has discovered an extraordinarily interesting person, once with a witty and self-depreciating sense of humor and one with a very clear sense of the joy of being alive.
Who can dance, dance, dance.
Where have you been, “Dutch?”
Yeah, we know. You’re a little slow.

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