The German tuners at Avus Performance are trying their hand at modifying a Japanese super car, the Nissan GT-R. Right from the get go, the boys at Avus knew that their GT-R was going to be covered in the very stealth like matte black finish that would instantaneously set this particular example apart from more ordinary GT-R super cars. The tuners have left the chassis very close to the way it came from the factory, the only additions they made were a set of ride height adjustable coil overs and some slight wheel spacers to increase the super car’s track. It is hard to imagine that a simple monochromatic finish, combined with a set of glossy black painted wheels, dark tints and cleared out marker lights can completely transform the appearance of the GT-R without even changing up the car’s profile.

AVUS Batmobile Nissan GT-R
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The dark exterior treatment is only the beginning of what AVUS has done with the GT-R. Under the hood, they have swapped out the factory engine computer for a modified unit that takes full advantage of the less restricted free flowing exhaust that has upped the GT-R’s maximum output from the factory rated 485 HP and 433 lb-ft of torque all the way up to an earth shattering 580 HP and 516 lb-ft of thrust.

With this kind of newfound power and stealth appearance, it is no wonder that the latest edition of Avus’s Black Edition GT-R has earned the nickname Batmobile. Batman would certainly be able to catch up to any of his arch nemesis in this hot rod GT-R and would easily be able to outrun Gotham City’s finest, now all the German modification specialists need to add are a few crime fighting features like a a grappling hook and oil slick to make the dark knight feel right at home behind the wheel of his newest toy.

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Press release

The Nissan GT-R build as a sportscoupe and direct opponent of the Porsche Turbo was revealed at the Tokio Motor Show in 2007. As a direct successor of the Skyline GT-R R34 the bar has been laid high already. With only 480 examples for Europe the GT-R is one of those rare sports-cars.

AVUS Batmobile Nissan GT-R
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For AVUS PERFORMANCE a Nissan GT-R Black Edition was the basis for a very ambitious project.
Besides optical changes they also put the emphasis on more power. A new modified ECU and a special new exhaust pipe (2 cats and the middle silencer have been removed) help the GT-R up to an impressive 580bhp and 700 Nm of torque (stock 485bhp and 588Nm).

Visually you can only imagine the power the GT-R has. The matt black, the lowering via coilovers (stock adjustments for the dampers will be kept) and the black painted 20“ wheels combined with wheel spacers sum up the package. Individually painted parts like the front bumper, the rear diffusor, air vents, tinted windows can be seen when taking a close look.

AVUS Batmobile Nissan GT-R
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  • matt black foliation – 2.499 Euro
  • coilovers – 1.299 Euro
  • modified ECU – 1.899 Euro
  • exhaust pipe – 998 Euro
  • painted 20“ wheels – 999 Euro
  • wheel spacers – 349 Euro
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AK47  (1024) posted on 09.26.2009

This is the only car that looks good in matt black.

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