One of the things that makes the new Audi TT-RS so great is that the double bubble shaped sports coupe is powered by a robust turbocharged five cylinder engine connected to a Quattro all wheel drive system, just like the iconic Audi Sport Quattro. Even though both boosted power plants have a total of 20 valves bouncing up and down to control the combustion of pressurized air, the modern day Audi is of the TSFI variety. This means that the stock vehicle’s 335 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque are made of the finest in turbocharger technology and fuel efficient stratified injection that Germany’s best engineers have to offer. That is all fine and dandy if you are afraid to void the manufacturer’s warranty, but for those who know about the aftermarket a significantly modified driving experience is only a simple step away.

Avus Performance squeezes a total of 460 HP out of the Audi TT-RS
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Up until now European tuners have been hard at work developing more powerful engine reflashes and exhaust packages to sqeeze as much power as they can from the factory turbocharger 2.5 Liter five cylinder engine before having to crack it open. The German tuners Mcchip got the ball rolling when they got 380 HP out of a TT-RS, then it was Swiss sports car builders Sportec who upped the ante to 405 HP. Never ones to be outdone, especially by a foreign tuner, ABT managed to find an additional 15 HP from the tiny TT-RS, bringing output up to 420 HP. However this pales in comparison to what the boys at Avus Performance have come up with, a bolt on engine upgrade package that gets an additional 125 HP out of the all wheel drive turbocharged sports car.

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Avus Performance squeezes a total of 460 HP out of the Audi TT-RS
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That’s right, the flat black Avus Performance tuned Audi TT-RS makes a total of 460 HP and 471 lb-ft of torque with only a few minor tweaks to the factory ECU as well as a new free flowing exhaust system. This is an extremely simple procedure considering that not too long ago the parts list would have included: a set of bump sticks, valve springs and possibly some nitrous. The simple performance upgrade is good to bring the stock car’s 4.6 second 0 to 60 MPH time down to 3.8 seconds and raise the TT-RS’s top speed from 178 MPH all the way up to 193 MPH, bringing it even closed to super car status. When the Audi Sport Quattro was born it too produced a mere 300 HP, but by the time that Group B was banned the fire breathing Ur-Quattro was making somewhere closer to 650 HP. Now we may not see gains like those in the immediate future from a reflash and some new pipes, but don’t tell that to any of these high performance Audi tuners.

Avus Performance squeezes a total of 460 HP out of the Audi TT-RS
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AK47  (1024) posted on 10.9.2009

I’ve read a lot of reviews that this car is not engaging to drive.

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