At Geneva Motor Show, B&B unveiled the TT Edition R. The TT Edition R is an atempt from B&B to become member in the club of “300”. In order to do this, completely new turbocharger and intercooler are installed in the 3.2ltr V6 engine of the Audi TT. The air intake system has been optimized in a significant way. The oil temperature is kept on a perfect level by the help of a special slim line oil cooling system.

The TT Edition R has an output of 500 hp and 650 Nm of torque. It makes the 0-100 kmh in 4,2 sec. ­ 0-200k/h in 12,5 sec. ­ 0-300m/h in 39,2sec and has a top speed of 320 kmh (198 mph).

B&B Audi TT Edition R
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The next priority was the security and driving condition. For this, a special 8-piston high performance brake system was installed as well as a - height and in comfort - adjustable suspension kit which give each driver of a TT “Edition R” a reassuring feeling of security and sovereign driving experience at any time.

You can order the car starting from 89.950 euro.

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