Baby Land Rover based on the LRX coming in 2012

Based on the LRX concept recently unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show the new five-door SUV from Land Rover will be a direct competitor to the new rivals like Audi Q5 and Bmw X1. The new car will be based on Freelander’s drivetrain but the resemblence stops here because the new LRX will range above its „brother”.

The Baby Land Rover will be eco-friendly due to its stop-start system but also from its hybrid drivetrain capable of reducing CO2 emissions to 130g/km.

Two engines will be available on the new SUV, a 2.2 litre diesel and 3.2 litre petrol engine, both fitted with stop-start technology but also with a new hi-tech hybrid system. The new hybrid system will use super-capacitors that will replace the traditional batteries and will store energy from regenerative braking and a hi-tech alternator.

Although the car will be lower than the Freelander, the SUV will show everyone that Land Rover tradition still lives in it, showing great performances also off the tarmac. Sources confirmed that the British automaker did not find yet a name for its new SUV but what is for sure is that the car will hit the showrooms in 2012.

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