If you liked “Pimp my ride” show that you will definitely like this! Bad Ass Golf Carts wants to reproduce that show but this time for golf carts. Let’s say you like to play golf and you want to impress you partners, what you can do? Just go to Bad Ass Golf Carts and choose one of their offers in customizing your cart. The manufacturer can transform you cart into a Hummer, Escalade, Teal Flame Limo, Pirate Cart, California Roadster or a Club Car Shuttle, depending on the customer’s choices.

Bad Ass Golf Carts makes you king of golf
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Each cart can be equipped with 14" off-road suspension systems, headliner TVs, video game installations (like you needed…), satellite radio, air conditioning air bags, 20 inch rims and the list continues! If you want to buy one you must know that the price depends on the list of choices!

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