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BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart’s Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh

This ’69 Camaro was built by Timeless Kustoms for the American Standup Comedian

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Kevin Hart sure does love his muscle cars. YouTuber Shawn Davis from Autotopia LA featured his latest build, a 1969 Chevy Camaro, better known as BAD NEWS. The car was originally built by Timeless Kustoms around ten years ago. But ever since Kevin acquired it, he wanted to do a refresh on it. Jason from Timeless Kustoms takes us around this special Camaro.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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The car was completely stripped down at the shop. The engine and transmission were given a once-over to ensure that everything was healthy. Everything was painted satin black. The bodywork was also thoroughly examined. The flush mount front and back glass were added along with a new splitter below the front bumper along and a rear diffuser.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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The interior was put together by Sean Smith Design Studio

The bespoke interior was designed and put together by Sean Smith. You’ll find leather pretty much everywhere you look, be it the dash, the doors, the flat-bottom steering wheel, or the sporty-looking bucket seats with racing harnesses. You have custom dials and gauges along with a custom center console with machined switchgear and a roll cage.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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It has 68 mm Turbonetics ball-bearing turbos that provide phenomenal performance and boost

Under the hood, this ’69 Camaro features a D-Stroked LSX based LS7 with 380 cubic inches and a 9:1 compression ratio. Other modifications include a forged rotating assembly, CNC’d LS7 head along with, updated 68 mm Turbonetics ball-bearing turbos. Jason says that the turbos are quick to respond and provide a good boost. The end result? The engine now produces 650 wheel horsepower and 680 torque at the wheel. The engine is mated to a Tremec Six Speed manual transmission.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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BAD NEWS, as with Kevin’s other builds, shows us that the man has extraordinary taste. Thanks to Timeless Kustoms. Swipe Up to Read More

The car sits on top of an Art Morrisson G Max Chassis and custom forge line wheels with Kumho rubber(305 upfront and 355 in the rear), C6 front suspension, and a triangulated nine-inch four-link at the rear. Timeless Kustoms use carbon-ceramic brakes on pretty much all of their builds and this Camaro is no exception.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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A stainless header that feeds the turbos. This Camaro doesn’t have a muffler

As far as the exhaust is concerned, it is an inch and seven eighths primary tube stainless header that feeds the turbos and then three inches off the turbos all the way to the back of the car. This Camaro doesn’t have a muffler.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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Although, he notices a drastic difference in the way the boost builds and is available from as low as 5000 revs

With that, the guys hit the road and take BAD NEWS out for a spin. The throttle response is impressive and you can hear those turbo’s kicking in pretty early, providing boost and improving drivability. The sound is nothing short of Mega. Shawn has in fact featured this very Camaro three years ago.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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Spec check done, it’s time to hit the road
He reiterates that the Art Morrisson chassis along with the Corvette suspension geometry offers a drive that is rock solid.

One thing that has changed according to him from before is the way that this Camaro now delivers its power. Even slightly getting on the gas, gives you access to the boost, from as low as 5000 revs, with the rev limiter set at 6800 rpm.

BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh
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Stand-up comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, loves his muscle cars and has commissioned several bespoke builds for himself

Shawn says that this has to be the best BAD NEWS that he’s had in a long time. Overall, he thinks that Kevin Hart has some extraordinary taste and loves the work done by Timeless Kustoms.

Catch the entire video below

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