Call me crazy, but I am not a Rolls Royce fan! Never like it and probably never will. But this one, I have to admit looks pretty impressive. It has that attitude that says: "Look at me! I am bad!" And this is definitely the kind of car I like!

And guess who’s the owner? Yes, you are close! The Sultan of Brunei! The car is based on a 1995 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit MKIV and was customized by Indian firm DC Designs and costs $1,000,000. This photos were taken somewhere in London.


Source: AutoTrader

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  (22) posted on 07.18.2008

damn that this is ugly! looks more like an extensively worked 350z to me... Proves that money cannot buy taste!

  (33) posted on 07.17.2008

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nah! It’s just some obnoxiously rich sand monkey. Also begging to go to hell. Reference my other post today).

  (520) posted on 07.17.2008

that looks impresive!

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