Bahar Serves Lotus a Huge Lawsuit

Rumors: Dany Bahar Suing Lotus
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After a healthy drought between Bahar-and-Lotus divorce articles, we have now started a new streak for this dysfunctional divorce. We recently learned that Lotus is auctioning off Bahar’s custom 2002 Lotus Esprit and it may be a fund-raising effort for their upcoming legal battle with its former CEO.

You guessed it. It is now official that Bahar has filed a high-court suit against Lotus for wrongful termination. The suit is reported to be worth ₤6.7 million and is against both Lotus and DRB-Hicom, with the former being the first defendant and the latter being the second in the case.

According to a report from DRB-Hicom, it opposed Bahar’s accusations and is prepared to defend them vigorously. In addition, DRB-Hicom has filed a counter-suit against Bahar, likely for misuse of corporate funds, as he was renting a house on Lotus’s dime, which isn’t a big deal, but dumped tons of money on having the rental property refurbished, using Lotus funds, allegedly.

In a statement, DRB-Hicom stated "The exact quantum of costs arising from the claim cannot be determined at this point in time... We will make the requisite announcements when appropriate." That sounds like corporate-ese for “we are trying to dig up every last penny that Bahar used without permission and add it up to really make him look bad.”

For now, this is all the news we have on this front, but we’ll keep you up to date on this lawsuit as it progresses.


Source: The Sun Daily

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  (528) posted on 08.29.2012

I don’t see it wrong knowing that he used the funds inappropriately. He deserves it, by the way.

  (776) posted on 08.28.2012

He created a huge mistake by misuse of the fund, then it is necessary to terminate him on his position.

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