So, here’s the story:

A man from New York retired. Deciding that he could best preserve his retirement nest egg by living somewhere less expensive, he and his wife settled upon a property in Portugal. The property was available cheap: the previous owners had died without heirs and the house had eventually been sold at a tax sale. It had been unoccupied for fifteen years. Buyers weren’t interested in the property, largely because of the enormous and ugly steel barn on the property. 

No one knew what was in the barn. The doors were welded shut.

But the presence of the barn so detracted from the property’s value that the gentleman from New York was able to negotiate its purchase for half what the property should have been worth, but for that ugly barn.

After moving in, the man and his wife decided they had to find out what was in that barn. So, they got a generator and a grinder and went to work on the doors, eventually cutting through the welds so that the doors could be opened.

Which they did.

To see what they saw, click here.

Actually, the tale is something of an “urban legend.”

Reportedly, what was in the barn belonged to an old retired dealer.

But it makes a good story, doesn’t it?

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tango  (372) posted on 08.22.2007

Very interesting set of pics. It’s kinda heart-rending that many of the American cars were simply labelled as that or rudely as "barges". I’m not American but I found it unfortunate that the world apparently gives such scant regard to American vehicles. The author has a keen eye, though, correctly identifying a Steyr Puch as such instead of as a FIAT 500. Gorgeous machines all of them.

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