That would be a fair description of the appearance of a base level version of the upcoming 2008 Cadillac CTS spotted in a Detroit area driveway a few days ago and captured on film by an alert passerby. Posted on GM Inside News, the photo shows the car with wheels that look small for the car’s size, and a greenhouse that seems disproportionately tiny in comparison to the heavy-seeming sides of the car. It does not look nearly as appealing as the more upscale versions displayed by Cadillac when it first publicly announced the car.
Fit and finish of the interior, however, is described as being significantly better than that of many recent GM products, and the photos appear to bear that out, though the interior itself comes across as rather bland.
This does, of course, appear to be the bottom of the CTS price ladder. But it also appears that General Motors is doing what it’s become famous for: taking a good car and making it not so good. Sure, faced with this car, the prospective buyer will probably want to option up. But, he or she might also elect the option of visiting the Audi store.

Source: GM Inside News

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