Fortunately, this whole escapade was nothing more than a ruse

Just because you’re one of the best in the world at hitting threes in the NBA, that doesn’t mean you automatically become a good, even decent, car designer. Stephen Curry is living proof of that. The two-time NBA MVP, who also happens to be a brand ambassador for Infiniti, “designed” this concept monstrosity known as the Infiniti QXzero Concept. It’s an ugly concept, and that’s putting it lightly. The good news is that this isn’t an actual showpiece Infiniti; it’s part of an elaborate prank that Curry and Infiniti pulled on one of the MVP’s best friends, COSeezy. So while it is a bit of a relief to learn that Curry’s automotive design chops weren’t at all compromised by this horrendous three-wheeled showcase of ugliness, the QXzero Concept is still a reminder to all of us that just because there’s a “concept” designation attached to it, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any good, even if it’s all part of an elaborate jig.

I’m all for a good laugh, and this is one of those times that I’d prefer a good laugh’s worth over an automotive ruse. The premise behind the prank was simple: Stephen Curry invited his best bud, COSeezy, to check out a concept he designed for Infiniti. Since Curry has a longstanding partnership with Nissan’s luxury automaker, him lending a hand in designing a concept for the auto brand isn’t something that’s considered out of his wheelhouse.

The only problem is that Curry didn’t actually design the QXzero Concept. Everyone, including Curry, wanted COSeezy to think that he did to see how he’d react to Curry’s so-called debut in the world of concept car design.

You’ve probably seen the “concept” by now. It’s ugly in every sense of the world. It’s weird-looking, too, which contributes to its hideousness. The blunt nose is a criminal affront to the senses and since it was based on a three-wheeled car, the whole setup is just mind-numbing. There are even six air turbines that are designed to “recycle air and turn them to energy” — props to Curry for the quick wit — and a pair of sliding doors that led to an interior with a 1+1 seating arrangement for, in Curry’s words, “you and the honey.”


Needless to say, COSeezy’s initial reaction to the QXzero Concept is one for the books. In between forced smiles and rhetorical questions, you could tell that the man was confused as heck. He tries to hide his reaction as Curry put on his best salesman hat and described every detail about the concept, including saving “gas mileage” because of the concept’s three wheels, the blunt nose being the only aerodynamic possibility to achieve “that 220 (mph) max,” and the likelihood that you “could get into the HOV lane, too.”

The first take capturing COSeezy’s initial reaction was followed by a series of extra takes as producers asked for a livelier reaction from the entrepreneur. At one point, he bellows out, “this a spaceship, bro,” much to our delight and giggles. Towards the end, Curry hands COSeezy the keys to the concept and we’re all in stitches at this point watching the latter’s reaction. He sounds grateful and happy about it in a completely forced way. He was even invited by “Steve” from Infiniti to serve as a brand ambassador for the concept and drive it around the Bay Area. You could tell from his words that he doesn’t really want to do it, but feels compelled to anyway.

After a series of hilarious go-arounds, Curry finally dropped the bomb to COSeezy and his reaction was just as priceless. They then revealed the real concept that was on the premises: the Qs Inspiration Concept.

We all know what the Qs Inspiration Concept is all about. Infiniti unveiled it earlier this year at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show as the latest in a series of concept vehicles that the company created to showcase its plans for greener powertrains and other new technologies that will shape the future of the brand. While the Qs Inspiration still looks like a concept, it’s not just a concept, at least not anymore. It’s a look into a future that isn’t that far away from Infiniti. Some details, including the greenhouse-style roof and the video game-like controls and dashboard, are more the exceptions, but, for the most part, the Qs Inspiration Concept is a preview of a future that’s within our reach.

Let’s just hope, for heaven’s sake, that when that future arrives, the Qs Inspiration Concept doesn’t turn into the QXzero Concept. Then again, at least the latter has “HOV possibilities.”

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