There is a new Batman game coming, and with it we get a brand-new Batmobile. Our favorite caped crusader has a strong history of cool cars, but aside from a few quick appearances, the Batmobile has not really been a part of the recent Arkham game series from Rocksteady games.

That all changes with the new Arkham Knight game, and Rocksteady is going all in on Batmobile goodness. Not only can you drive it around the streets of Gotham as you please, but it also has the ability to transform into a tank.

Yes, it is a Batmobile that changes into a freaking tank. I can’t scream "take my money" fast enough.

Other cool features of the new Batmobile include the ability to instantly call it to your side from anywhere in the city. They included a cool ejector-seat function that will launch you into the air from the driver’s seat if you prefer to take to the skies and glide around.

You can get a quick look at how it all works in game thanks to a video we have after the break. If you are interested in the Arkham Knight game itself, we also have a nice trailer after break as well. Enjoy.

The game has no firm release date at this time, but expect it to hit modern consoles and PCs early 2015.

Click past the jump to watch the new Batmobile in action.

Why It Matters

Despite the Batmobile being a massive cornerstone of the Batman canon, none of the recent Batman games have given you the chance to experience that part of being the Dark Knight. The last three games of the Arkham series have been great in their own right, but I always felt like not having the opportunity to drive the most famous superhero car of all time was a missed opportunity.

The idea that you can now run around a massive part of Gotham in the Batmobile, and that you can switch instantly from driving to gliding, is exciting and has made me much more interested in what I expected to be just another normal Batman game.

Trailer video:

Source: GameInformer

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