When it comes to replicas of famous movie cars, the many iterations of the Batmobile are most likely in the top three most used vehicles, with the Tumbler in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight probably being the most prolific one in recent years. With that in mind, the peeps from Super Fan Builds were tasked to create yet another civilian replica of the brutish Tumbler, only this time it is for a very small Batman (read: toddler-sized) to use and protect a tiny Gotham from being attacked by baddies.

Top Hollywood propmaker Tim Baker led a small team of sculptors and fabricators in creating a rather impressive Tumbler baby stroller as a surprise for a father who counts both himself and his son as Batman superfans. The guy is actually such a big Batman aficionado that he pretty much decorated every inch of his man cave under his house with Batman-related memorabilia. You can probably guess that in the end he was pretty blown away by what the Super Fan Builds show created for him and his son.

Starting from a 3D digital version of the original Tumbler from The Dark Knight and then getting some help from an Origami paper variant of the vehicle, the talented propmakers from Tim Baker Creations proceeded to pretty much create an awesome-looking baby stroller from scratch. The result is rather complex and downright astonishing, with the micro-Tumbler using a metal frame and near identical-looking body panels from Foamex, made to size via CNC machinery and then added by hand on the vehicle. Although the entire thingamagig looks a bit on the heavy side for a baby stroller, I’m pretty sure the the father and son duo will enjoy running around the neighborhood with it.

1966 Batmobile

1966 Batmobile Exterior
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