For all you Batman-loving car nuts out there, we’re now telling you to turn away and not even bother to look at this.

But if you can’t resist, then we won’t blame you either.

This car is not the Batmobile. No. No. No.

What it is is a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro that has been face-lifted to make it look – at the very least – like the Dark Knight’s ride. While his expectations of what a Batmobile looks like differs greatly from the entire human population, we can’t help but appreciate the effort.

That is, until, we scoured the car and found a few minor mishaps said owner has done with his re-styling. First of all, he needs to work on his spelling as evidenced by the tag line ‘King of Gothem City’ emblazoned on right rear side of the car. Second of all, we understand the whole concept of posting stickers on the rear window, provided it doesn’t impede the driver’s vision when he checks out his rear-view mirror, but this guy decided that small stickers have no place in his ‘Batmobile’ so he went with a sticker that almost covers the entire rear window.

Way to go, Bruce Wayne!


Source: Deregulated Media

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  (334) posted on 03.7.2011

Sorry for my ignorance but I really don’t get the concept of batmobile. The design look so ugly. Its more uglier compare to those “normal” car that I have seen regularly.

  (765) posted on 02.7.2010

Well that was absolutely funny although I wouldn’t say that it is the worst car that I have seen trying to imitate a batmobile or something. I think it was an old cruiser or something that I found worst batmobile.

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