No matter what you are, how famous you are, the laws are the same for everyone! Even when you are Jeremy Clarkson and you have admitted driving at 186 mph on a public road you have to know that there will be consequences to your actions!

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Jeremy Clarkson admitted that his top speed on a public road was 186 mph (that’s 120 mph over the speed limit!) And as a response, BBC was asked to sack the famous Top Gear presenter.

If you were wondering what he was driving at the time, well of course a Bugatti Veyon, which has a top speed of 253mph! He was driving on the Limehouse Link tunnel between Central London and Docklands (that if you are from UK and you are familiar with those roads!)

Mary Williams, chief executive of Brake, said: "Jeremy Clarkson is extremely offensive and irresponsible. His comments are very upsetting to loved ones who have suffered a bereavement through a road crash because of a speeding driver. He is the most appalling role model for our next generation of drivers. The BBC should sack him - he is totally out of control."

As an answer to this comments, Clarkson added: "I haven’t been pulled over for speed for 20 years and I have never been pulled over for speed while working on Top Gear. I don’t drive very fast. I don’t have any influence over what people do, I really don’t. It makes no difference what I say. Top Gear is just fluff. It’s just entertainment - people don’t listen to me."

Kevin Clinton, head of Road Safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), said: "Obviously driving at such speed is illegal, dangerous and irresponsible, but Jeremy Clarkson’s views on speed are well known and he often says outrageous things. We don’t take what he says too seriously and hopefully other people don’t either."

So, what do you think? Should BBC sack him because of this imprudence? Or forgive him, after all he is Jeremy Clarkson, the man who was behind the wheel of the fastest cars in the world?

Source: Daily Mail

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  (133) posted on 06.3.2008

yeah thats what we talking bout es!!!!

BMWM6  (488) posted on 06.2.2008

Srry my bad i ment RSX it was on my old acura it got sold but both ways would think i would put cheap locks and hinges on an NSX

BMWM6  (1024) posted on 06.1.2008

That must be why you listed "this kit is bad, I installed in my 2002 Nsx...." on the KEYLESS ENTRY TO YOUR CAR IN MINUTES page.

But... that is not really the issue here. Me, Iam no saint and I press the gas pedal down as hard as I can in any car Iam in and so far, I still haven’t got at ticket. And I do get a ticket I won’t expect to be treated any differently.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.31.2008

if you were talking to me than i dont have a nsx and i never said i did but for your information the only ticket i ever got was parking ticket and i got a Hummer H1, Bmw 3 series, Bmw x5, Chevrolet avalanche, And 2 bikes a hayabusa and a gixxer

BMWM6  (1024) posted on 05.30.2008

Okay then Sherlock, I never said Jeremy Clarkson was special. And please quit the holier than thou routine, like you have never done anything agains the law. I read in one of your earlier posts that you had an NSX. Are you telling me that you never broke the speed limit with a car like that? Or were you just lying about owning a car like that?

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.30.2008

all you guys are stupid clarkson is no more special than anyone else he should be able to stick to the speed evan in a buggati

heck michael schumacher never got a speed ticket and he drrives an F-430,612

BMWM6  (9) posted on 05.30.2008

Way to go Jeremy!!!if you have ever driven in the UK, its not that big of a deal...everyone is driving a ton!!

BMWM6  (12) posted on 05.30.2008

i think he was wrong for driving at those speeds on public roads though. is he capable? yes. That still doesn’t give him the right to drive at those types of speeds on public roads. Was he "working" while driving the Bugatti? If so then he was at that point a company liablility.

Although...I would have probably done the same damn thing.

BMWM6  (1) posted on 05.30.2008

I think they hit the nail on the head. No question. He’s just like the rest of us. Hands up who’s never gone over the speed limit. Hands up whos had to pay for speeding without getting caught by the cops. Hands up whos been sacked because they openly told someone they were speeding. That’s what I thought. Plus what everyone else said. He’s more than capable. Get over it...

pdaix  (433) posted on 05.29.2008

That Bugatti with Clarkson behind the wheel is certainly much safer at 180mph than granny behind the wheel of her 1982 Fiat Punto at 30mph smiley

At least is he not telling us "no, I have never gone more than 10mph over any legal speed limits!’

Way to go Jeremy, BE PROUD ! smiley

pdaix  (1024) posted on 05.29.2008

Just saying that overspeeding is the main cause of accidents is stupid. If you are a capable driver, no matter what speed you drive, you won’t have an accidents. Its when people drink and drive and think that they can handle a fast car that accidents happen. Jeremy Clarkson is a great driver and he wasn’t drunk.

Besides, did anyone actually catch him doing 186mph? All we have is his word and while I do believe him, there is absolutely no proof that he did drive at that speed. So if BBC is even considering firing him then they are stupid.

Keep it up, Clarkson!

pdaix  (1) posted on 05.29.2008

Firstly do they really think that Clarkson gives a toss if they sacked him... I don’t think so. Some other network would pick him up straight away and give him his own show. Hell he’s Jeremy Clarkson for sake! Also, if he wants to be stupid enough for drive that fast just let him! Im more than sure he know’s what he’s doing behind the wheel of a car, especially a car as capable as a Veyron. And if he knew what he was doing was overly risky at the time then he wouldn’t have done it. More than likely he KNEW for sure there was no one on or close to him on that particular road. Plus he had the balls to admit what he did.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.29.2008

Are you stupid I got a suzuki hayabusa fastest motorcycle on the planet faster than the bugatti and i can control it if he cant control his car than he should be sacked twice
1 for speeding
2 for lack of control on car

what math is there?

BMWM6  (1) posted on 05.29.2008

hey, this is our very own clarkson we’re talking about, the guy who entertains us with his car antics and sarcastic comments. cut him some slack!! and what did u expect ....its a BUGATTI for goodness sake, the fastest car in the the math!

BMWM6  (1) posted on 05.29.2008

Mary Williams is like the anti-global warming guys who said Ferrari should stop production since their cars are not of good mpg. Simply idiotic.
We all know about Jeremy and love him for the funny reviews and episodes of top gear. He says things that he wont mean half the time, and this should be another one. Also, how can you do that speed in a road without hitting anyone? If that was premeditated, they’d have had safety measures placed ahead of the exercise. Grow up you brainless pseudo ’world savers’..

BMWM6  (488) posted on 05.29.2008

you should kill him who cares he is offensive and a deadly speeder I mean look at this , this guy is rich if he wants to speed let himgo to a track day

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