The UK is currently revamping its national curriculum by introducing coding to children as young as five. In support of this new movement towards the computer sciences, the BBC has been busy stoking the interest of British youngsters through various campaigns, including the distribution of one million “micro bit” computers as a hardware supplement to students’ studies in software. 

But let’s be honest: kids aren’t really concerned with data collection and systems management, right? Start talking about coding to anyone under 20, and there’s usually only one direction you can go: video games.

With that in mind, the BBC is planning a TV drama based on the making of one of the least kid-friendly games of all time, Grand Theft Auto. Engadget is reporting the show will be a single, 90-minute episode to be aired on BBC 2, probably scheduled to run some time this fall. It will focus primarily on the personalities behind the game’s genesis, possibly similar to something like David Fincher’s The Social Network.

Rockstar North, which is based in Scotland, is responsible for the development of the GTA series, while three other Rockstar studios are spread across the island nation. 

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Why it matters

Coding is important, especially for anyone under the age of 10 who might want to, you know, have a job in the future. And while a dramatized look at the creation of GTA sounds interesting, I’d much rather take a gander at the inner-workings of a show like Top Gear. By the sound of it, there’s plenty of drama to be had behind the curtain at the Dunsfold Aerodrome, and while not everyone can grow up to be a Stig, I think threshold braking and apexes are just as essential as object modules and subroutines.

Grand Theft Auto

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