That’s probably not what the Honda NSX had in mind when it went out for a test drive

Of all the things to blame for causing a car crash, a bee’s sting ranks right up there as one of the weirdest of them all. Yet that’s exactly the excuse given by a Taiwanese journalist who claims that a bee stung him in the neck as he was test driving a Honda NSX, causing him to lose control of the supercar and crashing it into a highway divider.

The alleged journalist, identified by local Taiwanese media as “27-year old Hu,” was taking the 500-horsepower hybrid supercar for a test run on the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway in Taiwan with the windows down. According to Hu, a bee flew into the cabin and proceeded to sting Hu in the neck. The pain from the sting ended up forcing Hu to lose control of the NSX before the car ended up slamming nose-first into a concrete barrier. While it’s not yet verified, this incident could very well be the first NSX hybrid supercar to crash on a public road.

Photos and videos from the scene reveal a good amount of damage on the front-left side of the NSX, including the detachment of the front fenders on that side of the car. Fortunately, the journalist didn’t suffer worse injuries than the alleged bee sting, something he can credit to the airbags, which appears to have engaged judging from the photos.

Police officials did give Hu a sobriety test to make sure that he wasn’t intoxicated at the time of the crash. Test results reportedly came out clean so at least that’s one problem that he doesn’t have to answer to. Sadly, he still might be on the hook for the damages incurred by the NSX when it crashed.

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Sad way for one Honda NSX to go out

Whether or not Hu’s story has any truth to it, it’s not our place to make any kind of judgments. What we know is that a Honda NSX crashed and that’s a major bummer. Fortunately, the damage doesn’t appear to be severe to the point that the car is past the point of getting repaired by Honda.

More than that, this incident also highlights the importance of journalists to take good care of the cars they test drive. We’ve driven our share of cars for test driving purposes and we’ve never had an incident like this happen to us. Even if a bee did sting Hu, I don’t think it would be enough for him to completely lose control of the car and not have the time to make the necessary corrections before it crashed. Unless he was driving at insanely high speeds, which is another question that I’d like to have answered.

Whatever the case may be, I’m just glad that he didn’t sustain worse injuries than the supposed bee sting, although I do think that he’s answerable to the crash he caused. Tough situation all around for all parties concerned.

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