Beer-Bumped INDYCAR Race Cancelled Altogether

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After a Chinese beer festival overrode the popularity of INDYCAR and was bumped out of Qingdao, China, we all assumed that INDYCAR wouldn’t just cancel the race outright. Officials pointed to several venues as the possible replacement for the beer-bumped race, the most likely of which was Texas Motor Speedway, but that never came to fruition, as INDYCAR officials have chosen to just axe the race altogether.

According to reports, the cancellation was not due to lack of interest, but rather due to not being able to promote the event and fees. Randy Bernard was also quoted saying “We want to make sure that when we add events to our roster they have long-term potential and are given every opportunity to be successfully promoted.” So apparently just because it wouldn’t be a repeating race each year, INDYCAR chose to just hack the points from the season… It’s interesting to think of the logic behind that.

NASCAR has tracks, sponsors, and promoters chomping at the bit to get a race in their speedway. Plus, there would be no need for promotion. Just put up a sign and you’d have 200,000 screaming NASCARites at the gates ready to pay for tickets. As if the cancellation of the race for a two-week-long beer festival wasn’t indicative enough of the condition of INDYCAR, this just proves that only a very select audience watches it.

I can personally live without either, but if I absolutely had to watch on of them live, I would take INDY every time. I guess I am the strange one.


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