IndyCar was all set to make its Chinese debut on August 19th, but the folks in Qingdao, China have better things to do, so its mayor cancelled the race. What is this better thing to do? Well, drink beer, of course. Yup, the August 19th race date directly overlapped the Qingdao International Beer Festival, which runs from August 11th – 26th and the mayor just didn’t see it fit to have something as small and unpopular as IndyCar interrupting its drinking festival, so he gave the IndyCar race Das Boot!

Now IndyCar must scramble around and attempt to find a replacement race and another China-based race is highly unlikely. There are rumors circulating that a second race at Texas Motor Speedway attached to the very end of the IndyCar 2012 season is going to be the likely replacement for the Beerfest-bumped race.

We are willing to bet that IndyCar is a little bit embarrassed to be bumped out of China, due to a 15-day-long beer festival. Who would have known that the folks in Qingdao took their drinking so seriously? Now the citizens of Qingdao can enjoy their two weeks of imported suds without interruption.

NASCAR may want to give the mayor of Qingdao a call, as they may be able to design an entire marketing campaign around the two…


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