It seems that everything Rolls Royce does these days, Bentley has an answer. Rolls Royce introduces the new Ghost and Bentley comes out with the Mulsanne. Now, the rivalry between the two super duper luxury brands figures to get even hotter after Bentley confirmed that the Mulsanne will spawn its own coupe and cabrio models.

According to Bentley, the new coupe and cabrio versions of the Mulsanne will replace the outdated Brookland coupe and Azure convertible – two cars that have long exceeded their respective life spans.

It’s a solid move for Bentley, not just because of its rivalry with Rolls but the worldwide acclaim the Mulsanne generated gives Bentley a chance to milk it to their advantage. And, naturally, what better way to do it than to release a lower-end coupe and a dashing and sexy cabrio. The two cars are expected to carry with them the same technologically-advanced chassis of the Mulsanne and more importantly, bring Bentley closer and closer to super duper luxury car supremacy.


Source: Auto Express

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