• Bentley Bentayga Has A $170K Option

The 2017 Bentley Bentayga comes with a starting price of £160,200 ($248,342) and a list of options that can increase that price to more than £500,000 ($775,100.) There is one option, however, that has to be one of the most expensive in the history of the automobile: the bespoke mechanical Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling Clock.

The clock can be machined in either rose or white gold, while the face can be black ebony or mother of pearl. The face is also decorated with a total of eight diamond indexes. Due to the clock’s complex mechanical design, it also requires periodic winding, so an automatic winding device is also included. Opting for the Mulliner Tourbillon will set you back a whopping £110,000 ($170,522.)

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Bentley has long been known for its luxury and customizability, but I was shocked when I found out this option. There are expensive timepieces out there, but I never thought I would see a $170,000 clock as an option in a vehicle, regardless of the brand. The Bentayga is already sold out for its first year of production, with Queen Elizabeth II slated for the very first one. If she accepts it, she will (of course) be allowed to choose her own specifications, so you can bet she’ll be the first to mark that option box.

Is the Mulliner Tourbillon just too much? Would you opt for it, if you were given the opportunity to purchase a Bentayga?

2017 Bentley Bentayga

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Press Release

Bentley Personalisation Options and Mulliner Bespoke

The Bentayga redefines personalisation and bespoke luxury. Paint, leather, veneer and lifestyle options are unlimited and tailored to the individual.

The standard palette alone comprises 17 exterior paint colours, with up to 90 hues available in the extended range. There are also 15 luxurious carpet options, seven different handcrafted veneers and 15 choices of interior trim hide, which means that customers are able to specify their own choice of luxury finish. In addition, customers can choose between a new range of bespoke Bentayga alloy wheels, ranging in size from 20” to 22”.

Six lifestyle-orientated specification packages will be available from launch, including two styling packs. In addition to these options, the Bentayga is available with the widest range of lifestyle accessories ever offered by the Bentley brand. For example, customers with an interest in watersports may wish to specify the Load-Assist Tray and Wet Gear Stowage options.

As with all Bentleys, the Bentayga can also be handed over to the highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople at Mulliner, who will respond to bespoke customer requirements.

At launch, the Bentayga is available with an exquisite integrated Mulliner Hamper Set, complete with cooler, bespoke fine Linley china cutlery, crockery and crystal glass, and storage area for dry goods. For comfort in the great outdoors, sections of the hamper can be removed and used as seats.

A bespoke mechanical Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling clock can also be specified. The most complex of watch mechanisms, the Mulliner Tourbillon is automatically wound periodically by a dedicated high-precision winding mechanism within the car. This masterpiece is machined in solid gold (customers can select from either rose or white gold), with a choice of either a mother-of-pearl or black ebony face and decorated with eight diamond indexes.

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