Nature keeps itself in balance. There’s a reason elephants aren’t fast and chetahs aren’t big. But man can sometimes do something completely unnatural and make something great. For example the Bentley Continental GT Speed and Flying Spur Speed are large luxury vehicles that can top 200 mph.

Then again Renntech’s president Hartmut Feyhl is a man, too. His company decided that Bentley did not go far enough with the Continental pair. He’s changed the ECU software to increase horsepower from 602 to an even 640. The cost? Well you’re a Bentley owner, so the cost doesn’t matter (but if you slip Mr. Feyhl $5,800 his people will probably get to work on your car.)

Just make sure you can handle all the power in this 2300 lbs car. You don’t want to skid off the road and anger Mother Nature.


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  (43) posted on 12.14.2008

Sounds like with a couple more tweaks to the ecu and a rework of the turbos, these land barges will push 700-800 HP and have a sub 4sec. luxury cruiser.

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