There’s nothing we hate more than seeing an exotic car like a Bentley Continental Mansory GT63 being engulfed into flames for no apparent reason other than some idiots who think they could get away with arson.

But if we’re already feeling the pain of seeing one of these cars on fire, imagine how the owner of the car must feel when he’s looking out the window and sees his precious ride getting burned to a crisp right before his very eyes.

This Bentley Continental Mansory GT63 was a victim of either a shamelessly low prank or a case of someone who couldn’t handle a beauty like this from having a well-off owner. The car was minding its own business as it was parked near the owners house in Prague when somebody – for no obvious reason – decides to burn it.

While the man can probably replace his burned down Mansory GT63 with something along the likes of it, it doesn’t take away from the pain we’re all feeling seeing a car like this fall victim to something like arson. We’re hoping that whoever did this is caught so he too can burn in automobile purgatory.

Photo courtesy of Ondrej Vavra


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (364) posted on 03.16.2010

Yeah those faggots should be captured and tie up int the tree with red ants.

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