Of all the things that can cause injuries during a crash, a flying hood ornament just may be the unlikeliest of them all. But the truth is, one manufacturer thinks its serious enough that they’re recalling 596 of their vehicles in the US because of a malfunctioning hood ornament. You read that right: a malfunctioning hood ornament.

Bizarre as it sounds, it’s also true. Luxury carmaker Bentley is known for that distinguishing metal emblem in its hood that, ironically, is called “the flying B”. Turns out, the mechanism that allows the emblem to fold down in the event of a collision has the potential to become corroded and as such, could fly off the hood, giving a literal meaning to it’s name.

As such, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued the recall of models of the 2007 to 2009 Arnage, Azure, and Brooklands. According to the NHTSA, Bentley will replace the ornament’s mechanism at no cost to the owner.


Source: Bloomberg

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